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Supplying hard-to-source peptides quickly and at scale


Amide’s foundational technology was developed at MIT in response to a simple provocation: “Why can’t chemical peptide synthesis be as good as the ribosome?”

With this challenge in mind, scientists and engineers in the Pentelute and Jensen Labs set to work to close the gap between chemistry and biology.

Amide’s Automated Fast Flow Peptide Synthesis (AFPS) method uses heat and flow to enable fast, reliable synthesis of complex peptides. For the first time, customers have routine access to highly hydrophobic peptides, cyclic constructs, branched peptides, and mirror image proteins.

Novel structures enable novel modalities, which means more effective clinical programs supported by Amide’s synthesis.

With Amide, you no longer have to wonder “how am I going to get my peptides?”


Branched Peptides

Branched peptides are the next frontier in pharmaceutical development. From Tirzepitide with a peptidic half life extension component on a lysine side chain, to novel antivirals with polydentate binding modes, branched peptides offer a conceptually simple, low-risk approach to improving existing leads and introducing novel functionalities. At Amide, we’re uniquely suited to rapidly manufacture these complex constructs, so you can focus on investigating their pharmacological possibilities.

Mirror Image Proteins

When searching for L-peptide lead compounds, biological display on phage, yeast, or other organisms is an essential tool. But what if you’re searching for D-peptide leads? With their improved proteolytic stability and reduced immunogenicity, D-peptides are enticing leads, but hard to find. . . until now. Amide’s enhanced polyamide synthesis capabilities can produce full length D-proteins, bringing mirror image display within reach. By using the synthetic, mirror image protein as a display target, L-peptide binders can be found for D-proteins, thereby identifying D-peptide binders to the natural proteins.

Macrocyclic peptides

Macrocyclic peptides bridge the gap between small molecules and traditional peptide drugs, but can be tricky to synthesize. These large, cyclic molecules can interact with challenging targets, such as protein-protein interactions, that are typically inaccessible to conventional small-molecule drugs. At the same time, they are often orally bioavailable, and their ring structure provides enhanced stability against enzymatic degradation. If you’re excited about the promise of macrocyclic peptides in your clinical program, leave the synthesis to Amide! Our flow methods quickly produce high quality peptide macrocycles, and we ship batches to match your test cycle needs.


Amide’s Automated Fast Flow Peptide Synthesizer (AFPS) leverages flow to dramatically improve solid phase peptide synthesis. Using the power of flow, we can generate highly reactive intermediates in situ, maintain excellent heat and mass transfer, and achieve much better synthetic outcomes than alternative SPPS methods. With all these advantages, AFPS allows biopharma pioneers to dramatically re-think what’s possible. Let Amide broaden your horizons with better, faster synthesis.


Why should I use Amide?

Amide relieves pain points in peptide sourcing. We can accelerate delivery, synthesize challenging targets, and achieve excellent success rates, even where others have failed.

I need a peptide right now, how fast can you ship?

We can ship crude peptides as quickly as the same day. Purified peptides take 3-4 days, limited by lyophilization.

Do you sell a box?

Amide is a CDMO/CMO for peptides and we are happy to discuss how to tackle your toughest projects.  If we  find that your use case might be best served with your own synthesizer, we are open to that discussion!

Can you make my peptide? It's complex...

Probably – we love a challenge. Reach out, and let’s talk 🙂

I'm interested in really hydrophobic peptides - can you make them?

Yes, we can make very hydrophobic peptides! We have a track record of success, even with peptides that elute from the reverse phase column in 80% acetonitrile. We are currently working on purification methods for such poorly soluble constructs; today we are happy to supply you with crude peptide.

How do you make constructs that microwave synthesizers struggle with?

Our instruments use both heat and flow to achieve drastically better outcomes than commercial heated synthesizers. See Hartrampft 2020 for a direct comparison.

What kind of modifications can you make?

We can make any peptide modifications that are compatible with Fmoc chemistry. Feel free to reach out with specific inquiries.

Can you scale up?

Yes. Amide uses a flow-based synthesis approach that is easily scaled up. We currently operate three reactor scales with typical isolated yields of 5mg, 30mg, and 100mg. If your project regularly requires larger quantities, we can bring up larger reactors quickly.

Can you cyclize peptides?

Yes! We can use any reported cyclization chemistry, and routinely make thioether and disulfide bridges.

Do you have a GMP line?

GMP manufacturing is in the planning stages and is awaiting approvals. Contact us if you’re interested in early access.


Let Amide manufacture what is difficult to source, and what no one has yet envisioned. We’re passionate about picking up where other CROs leave off and even what no one else will attempt.

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